Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shy Persons Need Not Apply

I truly feel for kids dealing with food allergies, and I have no idea how anyone who is shy could ever live with it either. While going out to eat is a treat for most people, it can be more than a nightmare for food mutants like me. I've talked to more restaurant managers, chefs, been in kitchens and storerooms over many states. You have to speak up, be persistent, make wait staff check ingredients or talk to the cook. In the end, there have been time when there truly was nothing I could eat. Sometimes we get up and go. Other times we're a little too committed, or there is no other option, and I have to just sit and watch while everyone eats. You act accepting, understanding, all the while embarrassed and a little resentful. I don't see how anyone with any type of disability or medical issue can be completely accepting of their situation all the time, no matter how cheerful and brave they seem. I especially feel sorry for children who have to go through this. They still have a higher expectation of things being fair. They are not taken as seriously by adults when asking what's in something and if its safe to eat. They are usually shyer and less confident. We all want our children to be brave, confident and articulate, but sometimes we have to speed those lessons up a little bit.

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