Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeding the Sweet Tooth- Part I: Out of the Box

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, angel food cake with strawberries and real whipped cream, gooey butter cake... Sometimes you just wanna go running into a Krispy Kreme and grab a doughnut straight from the icing waterfall and chomp down. While some pleasures such as this are gone forever, there are some pretty good substitutes out there to feed that sweet tooth. This post will focus on wheat-free and gluten-free treats ready out of the box or in premix packages with little work.

Once again, my perennial favorite -Bob's Red Mill- is a major player. A lot of their mixes use garbanzo bean flour. I don't like the smell or taste of it raw, but once baked it adds a wonderful flavor and texture. This really comes into play with the GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix--cookie dough isn't what it used to be, but it forces you to leave more for delicious, warm, home-baked chocolate chip cookies you can actually eat. For ready-to-eat chocolate chip cookies, try Kinnikinnick's cookies. Their KinniToos vanilla sandwich cookies are my favorite packaged cookie of all. They are so close to "normal"!

Check the health food section of your local grocery. Even small family stores are carrying WF and GF options. I've seen a WF/GF brownie mix and muffin mix at our local Wal-Marts that are priced about the same as regular box mixes. The packages are usually on the bottom shelf and rather inconspicuous, so be on the lookout.

Hopefully this will provide some satisfaction for your sweet tooth cravings. Next post you can see if I've had success yet with wheat free Gooey Butter Cake or Amish Friendship Bread or I'll let you know if you should just laugh at the attempts.

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